Badges and Houses of Worship: Why They are Helpful

There are many different places where the use of ID Cards and badges are commonplace. One setting where this approach is becoming more common is in larger houses of worship. Even some worship sites that routinely have less than a hundred attendees are beginning to see the value of having cards that clip onto a lapel or badges that are attached to lanyards as a good thing. Here are some of the reasons why this trend is catching on.

Quick Name Identification

The nice thing about this approach is that it’s easy to learn other people’s names. Visitors who begin to attend regularly have only to glance at the name tags to begin associating the names with the faces. That can help everyone begin to feel more comfortable with one another, especially when socializing after the worship time is part of the congregation’s culture.

This is true for more than visitors. People who have recently moved into the area and already have a connection with the faith are likely to soon have their memberships transferred to the congregation. Receiving a name tag serves as a small but significant way of indicating they are fully accepted and now part of the local faith family. Those name tags help others to learn the newcomer’s name while helping the newcomer learn everyone else’s names without having to ask again every time they meet.

Knowing Who Does What

Another way that the badges or cards help is ensuring people know who is doing what in the congregation. If a guest wonders where the restrooms are located, the badges make it easy to identify a nearby greeter and make a discreet inquiry. This approach also comes in handy in terms of knowing who is currently chairing or serving on a committee. Those who would like to know more about that that committee does will be able to approach someone who can answer those questions readily.

Consider this application as a way to make the local house of worship more accessible and friendly for visitors and newcomers. This little unexpected touch may be all it takes to motivate individuals to hang around a little longer and learn more about what the congregation has to offer.