Two Ridiculous Supercars That Are Taking Driving Car Tech To The Next Level

Fans of supercars have a lot to choose from. There are some ridiculous supercars out there, including the power of another addition to the acclaimed Bugatti line-up. But, there is another supercar that deserves some accolade for helping bring car tech to a new level.

McLaren 650S

The Mclaren 650S is on mentioned here for a particular reason. The car is bested in performance by other supercars, notably the Bugatti Chiron. But, it has one huge thing going for it. Though the basic performance specs are worse than the top elite supercars, the specs get pretty close.

The 0-60 is 2.8 seconds, a shaving close to the Chiron’s average 2.4. What makes the McLaren 650S special is that it features a $300,000 price tag. The McLaren is bringing supercars to a more accessible level. The car is making tech to the next level by bringing it to more people.

Ridiculous Supercars That Are Taking Driving Car Tech To The Next Level, the Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti is in a class all its own, elevated just a notch above other mainstays in the supercar world. $2.7 million out of the bank and any supercar enthusiast can take the Bugatti Chiron home. Any fan knows the shocking features and speed of Bugatti, who has constantly top-ranked near competitors.

The Chiron displays a staggering 1,200 horsepower. One of the more interesting results of the launch of the Chiron is the diminished specs of the Beyron in comparison. The average price for a Bugatti Veyron has dropped a quarter. Sitting next to the Chiron, it makes sense why. Regardless, both cars are incredible and represent the sheer pinnacle of supercars.

There is no topping Bugatti’s offering, once again, as the car is a pristine example of why supercar fans are as enthusiastic as they are. As amazing as these supercars are, they do pose a small problem. Security, privacy, and protection are all legitimate issues.

Driving a supercar in any capacity would make anyone a target for a lawsuit or a potential crime. Protect the car and assets as the supercar could shine an unwelcome light. Car enthusiasts should contact a local attorney if they ever want to take their fascination with supercars to another level.

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